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Hardwood flooring crowns the premium brands of flooring, due to the high quality, durability and the prestige it tags along. It is simpler to install, maintain, and is availed in different shade assortments and different types ranging from oak to maple. Hardwood will certainly give you high return if you invest in it

The appearance, quality and durability of your house’s flooring plays a big role in comfort and general aesthetics of your home. The era of concrete flooring is being rapidly replaced by laminate flooring, vinyl and wood flooring. As such, choosing the perfect colour for your flooring needs some research while bearing in mind the costs, colour preference and ease of maintenance

A lot happens in kitchens that can lead to wood damage such as spills and stains. So, many people assume that hardwood flooring may not be the best choice for their kitchens. Surprisingly though, these  floors work well in kitchens and are durable when sealed and cared for correctly.

It’s easy to understand why many people are usually ecstatic about summer in Calgary, it’s the season that is fully devoted to relaxation, leisure and good times. While there are many reasons to adore the warm temperatures when spending time outdoors, there are some reasons to dislike the hot temperatures when spending time indoors. There are several ways you could keep your home cool during summer without over relying on your HVAC. One of them is replacing your old flooring with new tile flooring.