It’s the latest craze in DIY, and it’s taking over! The chevron pattern is making a huge comeback, possibly due to trendmakers re-discovering this versatile symbol and putting it on everything from bracelets to tattoos.

Pinterest is all abuzz with chevron decorating tips where people are touting area rugs, curtains, pillows, and throws that make your home décor pop.

But if you’re really brave, you might even consider installing chevron, or its’ cousin, herringbone (What’s the difference?) patterned flooring. Depending on the style you go with: thick or thin, bold or demure colours, painted on or installed in the pattern, the chevron could be the answer to your flooring question.

Pinterest has some beautiful, inspiring chevron flooring ideas, click here to see them. 

Tip: While it is possible to do a chevron or herringbone pattern with hardwood, vinyl plank, or laminate, the best flooring to use for this would be tile.

That said, if cost is not an issue, you can use any type of flooring you like. Our flooring consultants can help you choose the flooring that matches your style and budget, and our professional installers can put it in for you.

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