Revamping your space can be effortless by pairing the perfect rug with your furniture and decor. Rugs can combine texture, colour, and warmth and add a perfect finishing touch to your space! Choosing the ideal rug for your home or business might seem overwhelming given the abundance of options out there but worry not! Flooring Superstores Calgary's team have you covered with these expert tips to help you choose the perfect rug.

Size Matters: Strike a harmonious balance by nailing the right size! Measure your space with care and select a rug that perfectly complements your room's dimensions. For an enchanting touch, ensure the rug is large enough to encompass all your cozy furniture in a delightful seating area.

Style It Up: Let your rug set the tone! Whether your vibe is traditional or modern, let the rug weave its magic in sync with your space's overall style. Spice up neutral surroundings with a striking, bold rug or elegantly accentuate patterned rooms with a complimentary subtle design.

Materials That Wow: Delve into the world of rug materials and find your match! Explore the eco-friendly durability of natural fibres like wool and cotton, or embrace the low maintenance ease of stain-resistant synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. With your lifestyle in mind, make a choice that echoes your needs.

Colours Speak Volumes: Unleash the power of colours and infuse your space with emotion! Merge your rug's hues with your room's existing palette to create an inspiring ambiance. Unify diverse colors with a neutral rug or electrify monochromatic spaces with a vibrant, eye-catching rug.

Texture Temptations: Transform your space with texture! Embrace the cozy allure of a shaggy rug or opt for the practicality of a flat-weave, making cleaning a breeze. Soft plush rugs add an inviting touch to your room and feel luxurious.

With these pro tips, selecting the perfect rug can be a fun adventure! Embrace the art of rug selection and watch your space transform! As always the team at Flooring Superstores Calgary is always here with Expert Advice, and a Great Price.