Luxury vinyl plank flooring will blow you away. Its beauty, gloss and glamour are outstanding. Deciding the right thickness might however drive you nuts and leave you at the verge of visiting a home décor expert and part with a couple of bucks in the process.

Nevertheless, we’re here to save you the indecision of the right thickness, and the hustle of seeking professional help on a problem you can solve by yourself, while sipping away at your evening drink, in your favorite mug.

Here are 5 considerations which will effortlessly guide you to the right thickness of your luxury vinyl plank flooring.

  1. Research on thickness

  2. Different vinyl planks come with different thicknesses. They range from 4-8 mm thick. Knowing how thick a certain brand is, and thickness of different qualities is the first step to ensuring you establish the right thickness for your flooring. There is a wear layer though, which can mislead you if not specified by the supplier. Now that you know planks are calibrated in millimeters, lets talk about the wear layer.

  3. The wear layer

  4. This is the second layer after urethane. It covers and guards the print design, and it plays a big role in maintaining the gleam on the vinyl planks. This layer is key in the durability of the vinyl planks, and if it is not well done, your floor will fade fast.

  5. Bottom layers and cores

  6. Luxury vinyl floor planks contain a layer of wood composite, mainly made of wood flour, calcium carbonate and thermoplastics. Bottom layers are made of soundproof materials, and other layers for sturdiness of the flooring. This boosts comfort and aids in heat retention especially during winter. Different planks have different levels of quality, layers and cores. The highest quality is the thickest while the lowest are the thinnest.

  7. Purposes of your floor

  8. You may need to consider the purposes of your floor, whether residential or commercial. The residential one will be exposed to less activity compared to the commercial one. Once you specify that you need luxury vinyl plank flooring for either of the above sides, you need to check the warranty period given by the seller. The less the warranty period, the less durable your floor is likely to be.

  9. Additional measures.

You should go for the highest available quality, with the longest warranty period, with no additional underlayment needed before laying down the planks. All these translate to durability which is the basic consideration for consumers.

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