The appearance, quality and durability of your house’s flooring plays a big role in comfort and general aesthetics of your home. The era of concrete flooring is being rapidly replaced by laminate flooring, vinyl and wood flooring. As such, choosing the perfect colour for your flooring needs some research while bearing in mind the costs, colour preference and ease of maintenance.

Enter Laminate Flooring

This is a Four-layer, stain, water, scratch and impact resistant transparent flooring, that not only beautifies your house, but is also presented to consumers in different materials, shades and colours, which helps clients solve the issue of perfect colour choice.

Choosing the Perfect Flooring Colour

A choice for the best floor colour for your house can be a mind-boggling task, considering that you may want to match the colour with the house colour theme, furniture colour, your favorite colour, or, you may have preference for either bright or dull colours.

1. Your Colour Theme

Being aware of your homes colour theme will help you decide on the perfect flooring colour for your house, and different rooms. Your colour theme can be influenced by your favorite colours, and you will have a simpler time choosing the colour for your floor, and consulting which colour compliments your preference. You may want the floor of your house to share the same colour with the furniture or wall paintings.

2. Interior Decor Expert

If you come up with a colour you think is the best, or you are unsure of the choice you made, you can always consult an interior decor expert. You will be given professional advice, along with merits and demerits of certain colour shades, plus do’s and don’ts for certain floor types. These experts can be easily sourced online, and some are kind enough to visit your home and advise from there.

3. Visit Floors Designers and Installers

These are the firms that deal with the supply of flooring materials and provision of experts to install them. Our experts are certainly going to give you good advice on the perfect floor colour choice, and install the floor for you. More like shooting two birds with a single stone. 

The Choice is Yours

Flooring colour choice can be bewildering at times, due to the unavailability of a wide array of colours and shades to choose from. Most people solve this by opting for the cheaper and less durable carpets and floor mats. These however have their fair share of shortcomings. Laminate flooring will play a major role in availing the much needed colour variations, design styles and different shades for each colour. Come see us today to view our variety of options!