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What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain floor tiles?

Indeed, there are many similarities between ceramic and porcelain floor tile, and indeed a few differences. Be it for a kitchen, entryway, or bathroom floor, they nonetheless both offer durability and design versatility. Although these two options can most definitely appear indistinguishable, we?re going to highlight a few features that may help you select which one is right for your home.


The primary material in porcelain installations is clay, though there are also other natural ingredients added too. After being fired in a kiln, the tiles can be used in their original state or transformed to mimic other materials, such as concrete, wood, or stone. Technically, since the primary substance in porcelain tile is clay, it is categorized as a sub-type of ceramic. However, it is an incredibly durable, harder substance than non-porcelain tiles of the ceramic variety. These tiles come in unglazed or glazed. While the glazed option limits the coloration and texture to the surface, unglazed tiles offer colors throughout the entire material.


As they are fired at a lower temperature in the kiln, ceramic tiles are typically more porous, softer, and less dense. That is not to say they are delicate, but instead, their construction is simply different. In many cases, they are favored as flooring by homeowners who live in hotter climates, who prefer their cooler-to-the-touch feel. Thus, their naturally cooler material is considered a bonus and very welcome in the summer months.

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