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Luxury Vinyl Patterns: Bold, Beautiful, and Built to Last

Luxury vinyl flooring in Calgary, AB has seen an incredible rise in popularity, and for good reason. It offers unparalleled durability, affordability, and stunning realism. One aspect that makes luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) so appealing is the sheer variety of designs and patterns available. 

Whether you're aiming for timeless elegance or a dash of modern flair, there's an LVP or LVT pattern out there to match your vision.

Why choose patterned luxury vinyl flooring for your Calgary, AB home? 

  • Personality: Bold patterns can transform a room, adding a unique touch that reflects your taste.
  • Spaciousness: Clever patterns can make rooms appear larger or draw the eye to specific design features.
  • Distraction: Patterns are excellent at camouflaging minor imperfections, making them ideal for areas prone to dirt and scuffs.
  • Value: Luxury vinyl's versatility and cost-effectiveness mean you can explore eye-catching patterns without overspending.

2024 trending luxury vinyl patterns

Natural Stone Looks: Marble, travertine, limestone – luxury vinyl can imitate these luxurious materials with astonishing accuracy. These patterns create an upscale ambience without the hefty price tag or demanding upkeep.

Realistic Wood Visuals: From classic oak to exotic hardwoods, LVP offers convincing grain patterns and textures. Pattern variety extends to chevron, herringbone, or parquet-style layouts for added visual interest.

Geometric Designs: Hexagons, triangles, and other geometric shapes add a modern touch while creating a sense of movement. These patterns are a brilliant choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or entryways.

Vintage & Retro Inspiration: For a touch of nostalgia, consider charming retro-inspired patterns, often featuring stylized florals, playful checkerboards, or Art Deco designs.

Concrete & Industrial Looks: Embrace an edgy and urban aesthetic with luxury vinyl patterns that mimic concrete's subtle textures.

How to choose the right LVP/LVT pattern for your space 

  • Scale Matters: In larger rooms, bold patterns can shine. Smaller spaces might benefit from more subtle designs.
  • Colors & Contrast: Choose colors that suit your existing décor. Play with contrasting tones to define areas or create a focal point.
  • Mood & Style: Are you aiming for a cozy cottage feel or sleek modern lines? Your desired aesthetic helps guide pattern choices.
  • Gather Samples: It's hard to visualize a pattern's true impact from a small swatch. Order larger samples to see how a pattern works in your space's lighting.
  • Professional Installation: Intricate patterns may require meticulous installation for flawless results. Expert installers can achieve the perfect layout.
  • Don't Forget Underlayment: While LVP/LVT is durable, adding a quality underlayment enhances soundproofing, warmth, and comfort underfoot.

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